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7th Yoga & Health Expo organized in Vancouver remained a big hit

The Vancouver-based non-profit organization, Yoga & Health Expo achieved another milestone by making the virtual event a big success. World-renowned vegan, plant-based and environmental speakers, yoga performers, and spiritual musician participated in the event. People from all over the world joined the event. 

The event involved informative knowledge from vegan and plant-based experts including Marlene-Watson Tara(Vegan Health Coach) and Bill Tara (Founder of Human Ecology Project) from the UK, Pearl Cicci(Plant-based nutritionist) from Nicaragua;  magical performance by Wendy Issa (Yoga Instructor), and mesmerizing music by Theda Phoenix(Spiritual Musician). It also included a very interactive and informative plant-based panel discussion with Jason Fonger(Plant-based triathlete), Pearl Cicci (Plant-based nutritionist), Florian Wuest (Plant-based fitness coach), Dr. Matthew Nagra (Plant-based naturopathic doctor), and Muzammil Ahmad (Plant-based nutritionist).

Mr. Aditya Tawatia, Founder started a Vancouver-based nonprofit organization in 2015 and has successfully hosted seven events in the past (5 physical events and 2 virtual); which was very successful. It is his biggest dream to make this world a cruelty-free place to live. His vision is to bring together people from all walks of life and allow them to experience yogic living, providing our communities with an everlasting experience of a holistic approach to yogic life by enhancing health through practicing Yoga, Meditation, Veganism, Vegetarianism, and Environmental Awareness. The organization aims to connect healthy organic eating and natural living within a busy ever-changing world. 

The recording of the event is available on www,

Rachel Beau, Emcee on the left interviewing Mr. Aditya Tawatia, Founder of Yoga & Health Expo in the right
Mayor Kennedy’s best wishes to the 7th Yoga & Health Expo
Wendy Issa, Yoga Instructor in the from performing with two disciples 

Wendy Issa

Rachel Beau, Emcee hosting the event

Rachel Beau

Bill Tara, Founder of Human Ecology Project talking on “You are what you eat” and its environmental implications

Bill Tara

Marlene Tara, Vegan Health Coach talks about the importance and need for veganism

Marlene Watson-Tara

Theda Phoenix blissful performance

Theda Phoenix

Panel Discussion by Dr. Matthew Nagra (upper left), Jason Fonger (upper middle), Pearl Cicci (upper right), Muzammil Ahmad(Lower left), and Florian Wuest (lower right)

Jason Fonger

Pearl Cicci

Muzammil Ahmad

Florian Wüest

Dr. Matthew Nagra


Article published in Asian Journal about the 7th Yoga & Health Expo