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Interview: Aditya Tawatia, President of OFBJP British Columbia, shared details of preparations by OFBJP on Modi’s visit

Interview: Aditya Tawatia, President of OFBJP British Columbia, shared details of preparations by OFBJP on Modi’s visit

Q: Aditya in your opinion what is the significance of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Canada?

Aditya: This is an historical and proud moment for all Indo Canadians, after more than 4 decades an Indian PM is coming to Canada on a bilateral visit. The purpose of Prime Minister Modi’s trip is to promote closer relations between Canada and India in particular the vibrant Indo-Canadian community that exists across Canada… It is an extremely significant event for taking our economic, social and cultural ties to the next level. India is the biggest trading partner for Canada in South East Asia with more than $6B trade. As Honorable PM Modi ji mentioned in his announcement for this visit, trade with Canada in the areas such as pulses, potash and energy is critical for India.

Q: What are the activities and events planned for Modi ji’s visit?

Aditya: At present proposed agenda for this 3 day visit include Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver. In Toronto there is a community reception in Richo Coliseum on April 15th. The National Alliance of Indo-Canadians will host this community event in the honor of Prime Minister Modi. Overseas Friends of Bhartiya Janta Party (OFBJP) units from all the major Canadian cities are working hard to make this event a grand success. I was in Toronto for a week and participated in organizing various aspects under the leadership of OFBJP Head Sri Vijay Chauthaiwale. In Vancouver Hon. Modi ji will be visiting Ross Street Khalsa Diwan Society Gurudawra and Laxmi Narayan Mandir in Surrey. People from all walks of life and backgrounds are enthusiastically participating in making these events memorable. Our OFBJP cadre is completely immersed in the activities.

Q: What is your message to our readers in Greater Vancouver?

Aditya: I am requesting everyone to join the festivities and events in whatever capacity they can please get in touch with Laxmi Naryan Mandir and Khalsa Diwan Society Gurudwara management to provide your support. If possible also plan to attend event in Toronto as well. OFBJP Vancouver team members are at your service for any information or support you need.  Once again I want to welcome Honorable Narendra Modi ji on behalf of all Indo-Canadians in Vancouver.