Karnataka elections 2018

The Karnataka elections were supposed to be dead and buried a couple of months ago with the Congress confident of claiming an absolute majority. Not many pundits or pollsters gave the BJP a chance to be able to continue that winning momentum, however, the results have once again proven the naysayers wrong. I don’t find [...]

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Indian Presidential Election 2017

There was a lot of speculation around the Presidential candidate that the NDA would put up and there was an expectation that the opposition would unite and oppose whoever it would be. Modiji and Amit Shah have however once again shown their political acumen by picking a candidate that is going to be difficult for [...]

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Demonetization in India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a crackdown on Black Money and followed through with one of the most audacious moves in Indian history. The move to delegitimize 100 and 500 rupee notes in India left criminals who had been hoarding cash scrambling for a way to somehow escape the arm of the law. Yes, [...]

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