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Recent migrant crisis & government’s response

The world is witnessing one of the greatest human migrations in the history. The muddled war in Syria shows no sign of abating any time soon and all indicators point to an increase in the number of migrants next year.

So what should be the attitude of the Canadian Government in tackling this crisis as large numbers make their way to Canada?

There is no doubt that this complicated situation has become more delicate in light of the devastating attacks in Paris. Canada has played its part militarily in the conflicts that have ultimately led to this crisis and so it must own up to the responsibility of helping those displaced.

The chances that some unwanted elements will be able to slip into our country increases with the amount of pressure we have to put on the security and clearance agencies. It is also obvious that the people of Canada share the same concerns. There was a petition signed by 30,000 people requesting Prime Minister Trudeau to stop taking in Syrian migrants.

That being said, the government needs to ensure that its security protocols are absolutely fool proof. Once again, Canada cannot afford to let even a single terrorist inside its borders.

Canadian culture is unique and has always valued freedom of thought, thinking and action. We must ensure that the fabric of our society is not changed due to a sudden and rapid influx in migrants. There are some other countries that have made the mistake and have found it hard to recover. We must make sure that this delicate balance is maintained and none of our citizens feel unsafe.

By taking in and rehabilitating these people, Canada would be denying ISIS and other terror groups their biggest resource, People. They need these people to feel dispirited and disenchanted enough to take up violence, to feel that this is the only way out for them.

Canada can lead the way and set an example for other countries to follow when it comes to dealing with migrants with compassion and clarity. There is no way that all the migrants coming to our shores can be resettled, there is also no question of compromising on any aspect of Canada’s well being, however there is st犀利士
ill room for a lot of good to be done keeping these two non negotiable in mind.

It is a thin line to tread but one that our country has the capability of doing.

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